KALAMAZOO      2017 Including all the lines: data releases for spectra and 
                    opacities through 2017    (Workshop on Astropohysical Opacities 2017)

SAOPAULO       2017 Including all the lines: data releases for spectra and 
                    opacities   (ASOS12 2016) 

WROCLAWHOWTO   2014 How to build a model of the atmosphere and spectrum
WROCLAWCODES   2014 Model atmosphere codes: ATLAS12 and ATLAS9

WROCLAWLINES   2014 Problems with atomic and molecular data:
                    Including all the lines

KEPLER         2011 Explaining Kepler planets; alternative planet 
                    formation scenarios 

BERKELEYASOS10 2010 Including all the lines

ALTERPLANETS   2010 Alternative planet formation scenarios 

DIMITRIFEST    2009 Including all the lines

DUDS           2008 Most Population III supernovae are duds. (dark matter)

LUND           2007 New linelists for Fe I-VI

CRYPTOPLANET   2007 Cryptoplanet update
DEFLECTION     2006 The precession of Mercury and the deflection of
                    starlight from special relativity alone.
ELEMENTARY     2006 Elementary physics in the cellular automaton universe.
RADCELLULAR    2006 Radiatively-driven cosmology
                    in the cellular automaton universe.
TRIESTELIMITS  2005 Physical, numerical, and computational
                    limits for Kurucz codes
TRIESTELINES   2005 Including all the lines
TRIESTERAPID   2005 Rapid computation of line opacity in SYNTHE
                    and DFSYNTHE
TRIESTESOLAR   2005 New atlases for solar flux, irradiance, central
                    intensity, and limb intensity
NICE           2005 Including all the lines
IRRAD          2005 High resolution irradiance spectrum
                    from 300 to 1000 nm.   (also transmission)
UPPSALA        2004 New grids of ATLAS9 model atmospheres (Castelli and)
FANTASY        2003 The age of fantasy and the age of responsibility.
GATLINBURG     2002 Atomic and molecular data needs for astrophysics
GIANTPLANETS   2001 The "Extra-Solar Giant Planets" are brown dwarfs
PUERTOVALLARTA 2001 A few things we do not know about
                    stars and model atmospheres.
LIFE           2000 The formation of life
MILLENNIUM     2000 The millennium and the calendar
RADIATIVELY    2000 An outline of radiatively-driven cosmology.
                    1991 and 1997 versions removed
PPREACTION     1999 A correction to the pp reaction
AFEWTHINGS     1999 A few things we do not know about the Sun
                    and F stars and G stars
COOLGREEN      1999 The cool, green hills of earth
IRRADIANCE     1998 Solar irradiance by computation
VICTORIA       1998 Semiempirical calculation of gf values for all
                    elements  (abstract)

GEDANKENVEGA   1997 Gedanken astrophysics Vegan astrophysics
KYOTO          1997 LTE models

SYDNEY         1997 Progress on model atmospheres and line data
MADRID         1997 Progress on model atmospheres and line data
OPACITYCALC    1996 Rapid calculation of line opacity
VIENNACONV     1996 Model stellar atmospheres and real stellar
VIENNAATLAS12  1996 Status of the ATLAS12 opacity sampling program and
                    of new programs for Rosseland and for distribution
                    function opacity

VIENNAIAU176   1995 A new opacity-sampling model atmosphere program for
                    arbitrary abundances
DEUTERIUM      1995 If deuterium is not primordial, where does it come

LITHIUM        1995 The primordial lithium abundance
BRUSSELSLINES  1995 An atomic and molecular data bank for stellar
BRUSSELSSOLAR  1995 The solar spectrum:atlases and line identifications
BRUSSELSSIRIUS 1995 The spectrum of Sirius from 307 to 1040 nm
THEHAGUE       1995 The Kurucz atomic and molecular database
COPENHAGEN     1994 Computation of opacities for diatomic molecules

ISOHYPER       1993 Atomic data for interpreting stellar spectra:
                    isotopic and hyperfine

TRIESTE        1993 A new opacity-sampling model atmosphere program for
                    arbitrary abundances
BUENOSAIRES    1993 New model atmospheres for modelling binaries and

ANGRADOSREIS   1992 Model atmospheres for population synthesis
CARACASATOM    1992 Atomic and molecular data for opacity calculations
CARACASFIND    1992 "Finding" the "missing" solar ultraviolet opacity
CARACASPROB    1992 Remaining line opacity problems for the solar
GAMMA          1992 Gamma ray bursts produced by free comets
GEDANKEN       1992 Gedanken astrophysics  the universe since
ISOTOPES       1992 Significant effects produced by isotopic splitting
NEUTRINOS      1992 Solution of the solar neutrino problem
H2PARTFN       1985 A comment on molecular partition functions
SAO391         1981 Solar spectrum synthesis. I. A sample atlas from 224 
                    to 300 nm.  (Robert L. Kurucz and Eugene H. Avrett)  
                    SAO Special Report No. 391.
SAO390         1981 Semiempirical calculation of gf values, IV:  Fe II.
                    SAO Special Report No. 390.
SAO387         1979 Sample spectral atlas for Sirius.  (Robert L. Kurucz
                    and Ingemar Furenlid)  SAO Special Report No. 387.
SAO309         1970 ATLAS: A computer program for calculating model
                    stellar atmospheres.  SAO Special Report No. 309.