See also wwwuser.oats.inaf.it/castelli for LINUX versions and instruction. CASTELLI WEB SITE

ATLAS12      opacity sampling model atmosphere program.  Preliminary
             version that still uses ATLAS9 equation of state so 
             cannot do depth dependent abundances or isotopes

ATLAS9       model atmosphere program with opacity distribution functions.
             Extensions ending in CD are from CD-ROM 13.  Other files 
             are probably more recent versions.

BALMER       computes Balmer line profiles

COLORS       programs for computing colors.  Many need revision.

NEWDF        New version of distribution function program for workstations

OPACITY      Opacity miscellany

PARTFN       Partition function miscellany

SYNTHE       Current version of spectrum synthesis program SYNTHE 
             including He I lines but not yet including atmospheric transmission.  
SYNTHECD     Spectrum synthesis program SYNTHE from CD-ROM 18  

SYNTHENLTE   Version of SYNTHE that can read Avrett's models with departure
             coefficients and generate a spectrum that is non-LTE  for
             atoms treated in non-LTE and approximate for the rest.

UTILITIES    utilities

WIDTH        abundance analysis program